First Reborn

Becoming First Reborn means you get to choose a different class but with the benefit of choosing where your attribute points go and making the class you've picked and the one you were prior into somewhat of a blend. When you reborn you are put back down to level 15, this includes any gear you might be wearing when you do reborn which should be taken into careful consideration depending on what you wish to reborn into. As well as few skills from your previous class you will also get a Summon Guard and Summon Monster, both will attack any target that you strike and can be leveled up to do more damage, as well as the aforementioned there are a few more helpful benefits to rebirthing. Overall this is your goal as a normal character and you should aim to be at least first reborn to get the most out of your character/s.

This guide will help to explain the First Reborn quest, if you already have a celestial stone skip to Part Four.

Level Requirments:

If you want to reborn you need to be at least level 120, and to be last grade of promotion, however if you are a Water Taoist you can reborn at level 110. below is a chart showing what class can reborn at what level.

Item Requierments:

  • Collect seven different gems (of any quality)
  • Collect CleanWater from the WaterLord's
  • Hand both in for a Celestial Stone
    • PART ONE

      Gather seven gems all of different type, they only have to be of normal quality and can either be found by killing monsters, mining or buying them from the market (as in other players)

    • Dragon Gem (normal)
    • Pheonix Gem (normal)
    • Rainbow Gem (normal)
    • Moon Gem (normal)
    • Fury Gem (normal)
    • Kylin Gem (normal)
    • Violet Gem (normal)
      PART TWO

      Getting CleanWater

      Now you need CleanWater which drop from Water Lord's, To get to the Water Lord you will need to go throught To adventure Area Desert City Map, Red Circled to show portal to Adventure Area's the "Adventure Area's" which there is a map of below, to enter the first Adventure Area (New Desert City) you will need to go to Desert City then enter the portal which is on the left hand side of the map as shown to the left. Once in the "Adventure Area" you will go throught a series of maps from a desert to a zone with the likeness of Bird Island, here is a map of the Adventure Area, you will need to follow this map from area 1 to 6, once you reach the top left area of zone 6 you will find an NPC, talk to them and ask to enter the adventure and meteor area.


      When you reach area 9 you can move onto the next stage. (Note: this map of the Adventure Area has been edited, removing the zones you do not need to visit) Once in area 9 you will need to go to the specific island that the Water Lord is on, He will spawn every 30 minutes - use the map bellow to find the Water Lord's location.


      Now that you have all 7 gems and the CleanWater, go to Celestine who you will find in Wind Plain at 365,92 he will trade the items you have collected into a Celestial Stone.


      Take your Celestial Stone to the market and talk to RebirthMaster (210,211) and ask to first reborn. You will now choose a few options, choosing the class you want and you even get the choice to change your characters size.

    MoonBox Guide

    The Moon Box is necessary for you to be promoted at level 110. Perhaps the job center crew enjoys collecting eccentric items, or maybe they are performing moon rituals...? Who knows? NPCs: Fortuneteller (Wind Plain 340,720), Maggie (in the quest map 19,19), Guardian God (in the quest map 204,149), Ghost (in the quest map 8,67), Lonely Ghost (in the quest map) Level Requirements: Above Level 70 Rewards: Three meteors or a Moon Box. Use the Moon Box to check out what you will get. It may be meteors, equipments or even socketed items. The Moon Box is also a required item for Level 110 promotion. Note: Moonboxes are able to give you by opening them Socket items, DragonBalls, Elite items, Unique items, Meteors .etc


    1. Find Fortuneteller. If you are level 70+ and want to challenge the tactics, he will teleport you to the entrance of Eight-Diagram Tactics.
    2. Talk to Maggie at the entrance to know the stories. And shell teleport you into one of the eight tactics randomly, but except for Life Tactic. There are Peace, Chaos, Deserted, Prosperous, Disturbed, Calmed, Death and Life Tactic.
    3. After you enter a tactic, you do not know which one you have been at. You must kill the monsters in the tactic to get a token. With it, you talk to Guardian God, and he will tell you the name of the tactic you have entered, and the name of the token.
    4. Take down the name and ask Ghost to teleport your out of here. After you talk to Maggie again, she will teleport you to another tactic randomly.
    5. In this way, you gather the token of Peace, Chaos, Deserted, Prosperous, Disturbed, Calmed (the six tokens).
    6. If you happen to be teleported to Death tactic, you will be told by Guardian God and Ghost that you enter Death tactic. If you do not have the six tokens, you cannot leave here until you die (you will lose items if you die, and if you log off, you will re-spawn at the same spot
    7. After youve collected all the six tokens, Maggie may teleport you to Death Tactic. Talk to the Ghost. He can make a Soul Jade out of your tokens and teleport you to Life Tactic.
    8. Find lonely Ghost in this tactic. If you agree to help him get reborn, he will give you three meteors or a Moon Box. It is up to you. If you refuse to help him, hell take away your Soul Jade, teleport you out and give you nothing. Be very careful.


    In order to make things easier when making moonbox, you must first need a character that is strong enough to survive the tactics. A character with a very low defense wont be able to survive in this quest for long. Warriors and Trojans are good for this quest and reborn taos and archers with good physical defense can also do the quest if going melee. Having a high physical attack will speed up the process of getting tokens. Most 130 chars with dragon gems in their equipments make this quest with ease because they can kill the monsters fast but still its luck which determines how long a monster will drop a token or where you will be teleported to. Good luck!
    This is the key that I have created when I started making moonbox 3 years ago. Its up to you if you want to do the same or devise your own strategy. 1. Plan where you will put your tokens and keep it on a certain warehouse. It is important to go out of the quest and return to town after collecting tokens from a tactic. This is to protect your tokens from dropping in case you be teleported to death tactic. You wont drop any because the tokens are not with you as it is kept in your warehouse. Also it helps you to identify which token is which, especially if you know what tokens are in a certain warehouse. You will be able to identify an unidentified token if you have planned it this way.
    Example of where to put tokens:
    Average Moonbox Maker (limited to 20 tokens per warehouse)
    Twin City WH Peace Tactic Tokens
    Phoenix City WH Calmed Tactic Tokens
    Ape City WH Disturbed Tactic Tokens
    Deserted City WH Deserted Tactic Tokens
    Bird City WH Chaos Tactic Tokens
    Market WH Prosperous Tactic Tokens
    Pro Moonbox Maker (has 6 accounts just for token storage. Up to 140 tokens per account) Name your token holders with the name of the tactic so you know what token a character is holding. 2. You must know what tactic you are into. The best way to know a tactic is by getting a token from a Toughhorn and to show to the guardian ghost, but there are also times when its taking so long for a monster to drop a token. There is another way to identify a tactic without a need of token. You can ask a person who is also inside the same tactic with you or know what kind of pots the monster from the tactic drops.
    Peace Tactic Panacea, Pearl Ointment
    Calmed Tactic Panacea, Soul Pill
    Disturbed Tactic Ginseng, Soul Pill (same with deserted)
    Deserted Tactic Ginseng Soul Pill (same with disturbed)
    Chaos Tactic Ginseng, Recovery Pill
    Prosperous Tactic Vanilla, Pearl Ointment
    Death Tactic Vanilla, Refreshing Pill (You dont need pots to figure this one out, you can check at entrance)
    If you can notice the pots that are dropped in Disturbed Tactic and Deserted Tactic are just the same. You have no choice but to wait for a token to be dropped if you wanna figure out the what tactic you are in. Disturbed tactic has slow token drop rate so figuring it out might take some time.
    If you seem to be in a tactic where you already collected many tokens then you can just let the monsters kill you if you want to save time. Use water elf, divine hare, or night devil if you have so the monsters can kill you. Only non reborn warriors without night devil has the problem in killing themselves. They mostly unequip one of their items either headgear, necklace, or armor. This is very dangerous especially in death tactic and you might drop your unequipped item. There is no guarantee you will get it back after dropping it.
    3. Make a list of where you put and how many your tokens is and update it everytime you collect new tokens. You can also assign a definite key slot for certain token when exchanging tokens to moonbox. This way you can keep track of your tokens that even if you messed your tokens up you will not be so confused on sorting it.
    4. Learn to use a set in search of a certain tactic. Since you can go anywhere when you have a complete set, try to look for a tactic where you need tokens most and get some of it before you exchange your set for moonbox.
    5. If you have 2 strong characters like trojan or warrior try to have them both enter a different tactic. This is only if you can multitask between your 2 chars. This will save you time in getting the other tokens you need. You can also put a water tao reviver and token keeper inside of each tactic. This is just a security in case you get pkd inside and will also serve as a storage for your tokens inside the tactic this way you can get more tokens on the tactic you are in to.
    6. Know the drop rates. This is from easiest to hardest (top to bottom). This is just my opinion from my experience. (After the lotto patch looks like the drop rates have changed. I hope someone can help me clarify this.)
    Peace Tactic
    Calmed Tactic
    Prosperous Tactic
    Deserted Tactic
    Chaos Tactic
    Disturbed Tactic
    7. Use a reborn with jade hare if you have for exchanging tokens into moonbox. This will cut off travel time in search of death tactic if you have already the six tokens.

    Dis City Quest Guide (EXP, DragonBalls)

      Dis City Quest


      In the decisive battle between human and demons hundreds of years ago, Ultimate Pluto, the leader of the demons, who was beaten by the forces of humanity. However, he escaped and swore an oath to eternally seek vengeance upon those who had disrupted his plans. Now, the Solar Saint is aware that Ultimate Pluto has come back. The demon currently resides in Dis City, a black mark upon the earth.

      Requirments / Timing / Rewards

      Rewards / Time:
      a)Requirements: Level 110 or above.
      b)Time: Saturday at 20:00
      For Sure:Experience
      Gained in the 3rd Stage: Lucky Amulet
      May be gained: NightDevil
      Quest Reward: PowerEXPBalls, DragonBalls etc.
      Star Sword Rewards: PhoneixDress / CelestialDress / WeddingDress / ManchuDres / DarkRobe

      What you have to do

      You shall go in Ape City before the quest starts so you make sure youll participate.When the quest starts, speak with SolarSaint: I am here to drive away the devils and then click Yes to be teleported. The quest is divided into 4 Stages, each with its own objective.

      Stage One

      Objective: Earn five Soul Stones

      After you are teleported into the Dis City quest special map, your first objective is to gather a number of 5 Soul Stones. Soul Stones are dropped from the monsters in the first stage. You shall start right away to kill either Phatoms/UndeadSoldiers/UndeadSpearmen/Revenants or Eidolons. As fast you advance to the next stage, the more mobs you will find there and less people will be there. When youve found all the SoulStones, pass the bridge and youll find SolarSaint at the end of it. Speak with him and click Im ready.You will be then teleported to the second stage. Note: Only 60 players can advance to the second stage!

      Stage Two

      Objective: Killing monsters depends by your class

      Water Taoists: Kill 600 Monsters
      Trojans:Kill 800 Monsters
      Ninjas:Kill 800 Monsters
      Warriors:Kill 900 Monsters
      Fire Taoists:Kill 1000 Monsters
      Archers:Kill 1300 Monsters
      When you enter in this stage, make sure you dont waste your time looking around,just go and kill. While Centicores,and Nagas have low HP, HellTrolls have a lot of HP. I suggest you not wasting your time killing monsters one by one if you are an archer or fire, cuz you will lose a lot of time. After you finish your objective the system will announce that you can advance to the next stage. Find SolarSaint and choose one of the flank you want to go in. Note:Only 30 players can advance to the next stage (15 players per flank)

      Stage Three

      Objective:Kill Wraiths until their number decrease to a certain level or switch NightDevil to pass the stage

      After you are teleported in one of the flank you chose to go in,you may go to find one free spawn with Wraiths. There are 12 spawns of Wraiths on the map. You may go and look for one, and help all the others, or join your friend(s) on one of the spawn and help him/them or wait to be teleported. Note that Wraiths might drop Night Devil skill, which is a very rare and precious skill, but the possibility is very low. When the objective is achieved, all the players in the flank will be teleported to the final stage. You can also pass to the next stage by offering a Night Devil instead of waiting.

      Final Stage

      Objective:Kill Ultimate Pluto, gain Dark horn and give it to Solar Saint.

      This is a free PK map, this means the participants can PK freely without gaining any PK Points. When arriving into the 4th stage, you and all the other participants must go and kill Syrens, very powerful monsters.After all the Syrens are killed, Ultimate Pluto will emerge. This is the moment when everyone starts to PK because they want the DarkHorn, so after Ultimate Pluto dies, itll drop a Dark Horn. You may fight to get it or wait for the player which got it to give it to SolarSaint. Note that after Ultimate Pluto dies, youll have to go at Solar Saint (148,035) to exchange the DarkHorn or to leave the HellStage. If the person who got the Horn gets killed, the Dark Horn will definitely drop! If you are the one who luckily got the Horn, hide well and make sure nobody will kill you.When the system says SolarSaint appeared go and give the DarkHorn to him. Make sure you wont get killed while on your way to SolarSaint. PKers will be very attentive when youll come, trying to get the Horn. After you give the Horn to SolarSaint he will give you a Star Sword, and you can go to find him in ApeCity after you will be teleported out anytime, to exchange the sword and get your reward at Solar Saint (531,482).

      What are the special items for?

      Lucky Amulet:You can find Mr. Free in Pheonix City to change Lucky Amulet for a new hairstyle. You can also sell/buy it from other players in Market.
      Night Devil Skill Book is an XP skill book. It is mostly used by trojans to increase their speed of attacking stakes in Training Ground.
      StarSword is the item you get from Solar Saint when you leave the last Stage of the quest. Find Solar Soint in AC to claim your reward on the top of the mountain.

      Comments, Hints for each stage

      First stage: We all know the quest is for players above lvl 110, but from my experience not everyone can go in and advance to the final stage. I suggest you enter in the first stage so you can get the free exp but if you dont have very nice gears and your below lvl 115 then please make sure you can deal with the monsters In the first stage you have to find 5 Soul Stones.All monsters may drop em but Its proved that Eidolons have a higher rate of dropping them, so I suggest you killing as many as you can if you want to advance to the second stage.Remember:ALL THE MOBS CAN DROP THEM, NOT ONLY EIDOLONS! If you manage to get 5 SoulStones in less than 5 minutes, you can enter the 2nd stage, scroll out to Ape City and enter again. You will not get an extra 1/2 exp ball for re-entering, but you will get an additional exp ball for getting 5 stones and entering the 2nd stage again.(Remined by Red or Green) Note that monsters in 1st stage are physical mobs BUT they have a long range (similar to magic mobs) and especially Eidolons.They also move very fast, so pay attention to them, especially if your char is weak. (Suggested by KITSU)
      Second Stage: Second stage is the hardest stage in my opinion because many players participate in it and because of the high number of mobs that must be killed. However, if you finish the first stage very fast you may find many monsters in the second stage, so this can give you an advantage from all the others. Due to the archers that usually KS other players, some players may PK others.I recommend you being very careful, and if you KS someone without wanting to annoy him, then leave him alone and find another to kill.You can apologize for what you did. Also Trojans and warriors, please understand archers aswell, they have to kill 2 times more than Trojans and 400 more monsters than Warriors. HellTrolls have high HP and may take along time to kill them but note that they count as 3 kills in the counter. (Suggested by Weatherwax and confirmed by HadesHell) Be careful where others go, in which flank. A good choice can give you the victory, a bad choice can make you lose. If most of the people went in the right flank and you go in the left one then you will probably lose the third stage, and you wont be teleported to the final one. If you die in this stage, but you are blessed, then you may revive by using the revive here function, and continue killing the monsters, because the counter wont reset even if it shows the blue counter.(Reminded by Bryntone and many others)
      Third Stage: Nothing much to suggest, just dont KS people and if you entered after Nr.8 I suggest you moving very slow or not moving because you may got disconnected when the system will teleport the winners of the third stage to the final Stage.
      Final Stage: Be careful you dont get killed before and after the Dark horn is dropped, because this is a free PK map.If you are the one which got the Dark Horn, then find a good spot to hide and watch out for anyone that can come.You have to wait 5 minutes for Solar Saint to appear. If you get killed when you have DarkHorn, It will definitely drop! After SolarSaint appears, make your find out of the bunch of the ppl waiting for you to finish the quest or to PK you.Try not to get killed. If your guild mates also got in the last stage, then make them support you and make them defend you just incase someone wants to PK you. Also in my server, my guild gets the horn like everytime, and thats because we all work together!

    BlueMouse Quest Guide (Meteors / Cash)

      BlueMouse Quest (PVE)

      Reclaim the Royal Treasures
      Requirement: Level 70 +
      NPCs: General Judd (Twin City 396,233), Old Miner (Near forest mine, Phoenix Castle 907,546), Blue Mouse (somewhere in the mine cave)
      Rewards: 20,000- 50,000 silver or 1- 10 meteors
      Note: If you don't have any gems, you can't complete this quest. Gems can be dug out in some mines, or can be bought from the market. Also, sometimes, a creature will drop a gem.

      Walkthrough and rewards

      i. Find General Judd in Twin City.
      ii. As General Judd says, go to find the Old Miner around the forest mine cave. Exchange a Normal Dragon Gem, Phoenix Gem, Kylin Gem, or Rainbow Gem for a Silver Needle, or swap a Normal Fury Gem, Moon Gem or Violet Gem for a Gold Needle at the Old Miner.
      iii. Take the Silver or Gold Needle to the forest mine cave to catch Blue Mouse, who will give you the lost items of General Judd after you catch him.
      iv. Return the lost treasures to General Judd, and he will give you big rewards.

    NOTE:BlueMouse will be spawned when you exchange the gem for Gold / Silver Neddle. Don't swap more than 1 neddle because mouse will spawn only 1 time.

    GreenSnake Quest Guide (Meteors / Moonbo / TortoiseGem normal)

      GreenSnake Quest (PVE)

      The snake islands are one of the most dangerous locations in the world of Vision Conquer. Snakes of gigantic proportions roam freely, attacking anything and everything! The challenge to kill the snake king is not one to be taken lightly.
      NPCs: Green Snake (Bird Island 681,966)

      Walkthrough and rewards

      Rewards: Meteors, Moonboxex, TortoiseGem, etc.
      Note: The rewards are good, but you'll have to be patient and careful - it's easy to die, especially if you're a Warrior or a Trojan.
      i. Speak to the Green Snake on Bird Island, and take the challenge to enter the Snake Islands.
      ii. The Snake Islands consist of dozens of isles, which are flooded with Tough Snakes and Fire Snakes. You don't have to kill them. Its almost impossible to kill them all, for they spawn quickly while delivering high damage attacks.
      Stay away from them, and turn on "Shift Screen" to jump to other isles until you reach the destination (87,67) where the Snake King lies.
      iii. Kill the Snake King. But be aware of his protectors- Water Snakes!

    NOTE:Snake King is spawning every xx:15 minutes at (xx:00, xx:15, xx:30, xx:45).