How To Play

#1: Choosing your class

Vision Conquer being a classic server means that you will have to actually spend some time working our for your gears and characters. Therefore, we generally recommend our players to choose the Archer as their first character. As an Archer you will be able to hunt all over the world and find goodies that will surely help you improve your equipment and server as a startingbase for you.

#2: First steps

Once you have your character created you'll then be sent to Twin City, where you will be able to speak to the Guide NPC and find out more about our server as well. In case you haven't found a team you can also head to famous maps as Bird Island or the Advanced Zone (AlientSerpents & Basilisks - Daniel near the Guild war NPC) as people will most-likely be leveling characters there. Note: You must speak to GuruTodd at Twin City center and ask him for double experience - he'll give you an hour of double experience while you're below level 70.

#3: Make a miner

Once you find yourself someone to level you, it is time to start thinking about getting yourself an alt account and leave it inside the Mine cave. It won't directly help you leveling but the extra gold you can get for selling gold ores and the gems you will get while mining that can be used to get meteors from the Blue Mouse Quest will really help you out getting started early in the game. Note: You can also obtain DragonBalls and Super Gems while mining which will be a great help if you find any.

#4: Learn FastBlade/ScentSword

As you might have noticed by now, there are PVP Events running twice per hour that will not only give you some great rewards in case you win them but they will also give you some experience for participating. They can also be a distraction for you to take a break of hunting as they're fun and really quick lasting less than a couple minutes. Even if you don't plan to use blade or sword we strongly recommend you to learn these skills and join the PVP Events as most of them are hit/skill based meaning that your gears won't determine anything making them a fun break for everyone.

#5: Build up your equipment

Now that you have probably leveled yourself a bit, the next thing you must be thinking of is how you'll get yourself some equipment to start with. Class promotions will grant you some starting items so make sure you don't forget to promote yourself as soon as possible. Level 15 promotion will award you a L15 Refined Set of items while level 40 and 70 promotions will award you an Unique Set of items. Once you got these items you should start hunting for some Meteors, DragonBalls and +1 items which can be either used to improve your equipment or sold to other players to gather some gold. Make sure you learn Scatter and try choosing the spawn where you can hunt as better as possible - spawns like the Robins in Twin City, the Bandits at Phoenix Castle or MinMacaques at Ape City secondary maps are the ones we usually recommend our players to start hunting at as there's a plenty amount of monters and they're weak enough for you to kill them with Scatter.

#6: Adventure yourself

If you have followed all of these steps you are in the right path to become a real conqueror in the server. By now you should start looking at all the guides we have in this page and understand what quests and events you and make and join to continue progressing in the game. As an archer your next step would be heading to the Labyrinth and level yourself from there. Great adventures, battles and friends are surely waiting for you ingame so enough of reading and lets get it started. Vision Conquer counts on you to become a legend and defeat everyone else, make sure you don't let us down.

Please read the following rules to avoid any punishment:
Note: Keep in mind that violating any of these rules can lead to your character getting either botjailed or even banned.

#1: Neon accounts is done at your own risk. You alone are responsible for your own accounts. Support will not be given on cases for shared accounts.

#2: Always treat the STAFF of Vision Conquer with the utmost respect. No insulting/cursing about them or the server.

#3: It's forbidden to advertise any other servers. Your account will be permanently banned without prior notice/warning. Repeated offenses will result in your IP Address being permanently banned.

#4: It's forbidden to abuse bugs or any kind of bug/glitch found in the game. If a player discovers a bug/glitch in the game, it must be reported in Forum/Facebook or to the first STAFF member you can find.

#5: It's forbidden to use Bots/Hacks/Cheats in-game. If you find any working Bots/Hacks/Cheats please report them to our STAFF.

#6: Mouse clickers are allowed as long as you're not away-from-keyboard. If you're found using any mouse clicker or macro while away you'll be botjailed for 3 days.

#7: Only English is allowed in the world chat. Using other languages or any other abuse of worldchat, will result in a warning first, then you will be muted from worldchat for 3 days.

#8: Selling/Trading accounts/items/gold outside the game for real life currencies, for items in other servers or for any other exchange or just the attempt of doing so, will result in all your accounts being permanently banned.

if you want open to socket your items out of weapons you can open socket from Twin City by spamming meteor in addition you can open socket with +1 meteor in market.

if you want make a reborn you should make celestial stone quest. Later you can make Rb in Dreamland.

if you want make a super gem you need collect the 15 refined gem or you can make 110lvl water and get rb you can take directly super gem.You can find the normal gems in mining, hunting, ladyluck,and events.15 normal gems make 1 refined gem.

You can only get it when you make 110 level water reborn

You can join the ladyluck with 500kk money or you can join the lottery ticket (lottery ticket drop by monsters)

You can reach to garment token by killing ganoderma and titan and you can take a Classic garment.İf you dont want classic garments you can purchase other garments in out website.

Only V.I.P players can change gender in game in the V.I.P room for gold

Lap 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 levelup easily but you need 2000Virtue Points. Than you need to go Simon NPC in TwinCity. After you can choose Lap 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. You can go WineZone in mystic castle. Second floor levelup easily for All Classes. Dont forget you need healtwine for can enter map.

You can hunting and find bless items.İf you make youself you need -1 to 5 tortoiese gem -1 to -3 for 1 tortoise gem -3 to -5 for 3 torioise gem
Server Information

This is 1.0 server emulating patch 5017. The server is hosted in Germany (EU host, this is NA and RU friendly as well!).

There are hourly PvP events everyday at xx:30

Available events are:

  • PentaWar
  • Football Event
  • Pass The Bomb
  • Capture The Bag
  • Vampire War
  • Freeze War
  • Team DeathMatch
  • Meteor Shower
  • Death Square
There is a daily main event everyday is called "CityWars"

Each guilds or alliance can claim every city (TC, PC, AC, BI and DC). Once you have claimed the city depending on which guild wins it. The rates of meteors, dragon balls and +1 is doubled which gives you high chance of getting the items to increase and make your gears stronger before any others.
Scroll down if you have more information or problems within the server, if you're looking for any more information or questions don't hesitate to ask on #general. More importantly if you're stuck or seeking advice ask on #help .

Where can I find the rules to prevent myself from breaking the rules?

There are 3 different rules; website, discord and game rules. Click here to see all of the rules.

How do I donate?

When you are donating you are only getting Dbs,Garment or Vip nothing else. The way the prices work is that it's 9 Euro per 1 Vip (and other different currencies that will be converted to based on country). Click on this link below (requires login to donate) Store
Will be a pop-out webpage from Paypal requesting you to login and making the payment complete. Once you have completed the payment, wait 30 seconds and go to the "PrizeNPC" in the Market by the Warehouse NPC to claim your Purchase.

My donation didn't work for some reason

If you're having issues or problems with donating, contactdiscord or send a message

What does VIP benefit for me?

So once activated:

- Automatically reloads your arrows without having to right-click in inventory. 
- When you have 10 meteors or 10 dragonballs in your inventory, you can right-click it to automatically pack them.
- When you kill monster (any pheasants to red devils) it will give you a notifcation saying what is dropped such as;
> Unique Items
> Elite Items
> Super Items
> 2 socket items
> +1 Items
> Meteors
> Dragonballs
- Also get an option to auto-repair all the gear based on what you're wearing without having to take it all off and click one by one gear
- Store normal gems in the StorageNPC - Lastly the one best options for VIP is teleporting, you have unlimited teleports; main citys (TC, PC, AC, DC and BI)```
How do I vote for this server?

To support the server, simply go to Twin City and at the center you'll see a big nice NPC called "Vote", click it and it'd ask you to vote which then redirects you to the xtremetop100 site to finish the human verification. Once you've done it should give you 1 vote point! Also don't forget you can do this every 12 hours! If you're not online and want to vote without gaining vote points, click on this link instead But however you won't get 1 vote points unless you do it through game only!

What do I get from voting for the server?

After you've voted for every 12 hours or more, you get 1 vote points. Talk to the Vote NPC again, there should be a dialogue "Points Exchange" and then shows you how many points available you can spend.

For example if you vote 2 times a day consistently for 5 days you'll get 10 points.
At the moment you can spend on:

1Hour DoubleExperince - 1 Vote Point  Emerald - 1 Vote Point 1 Days Character VIP - 7 Vote Points 3 Days Character VIP - 12 Vote Points  RandomGarments - 6 Vote Points Rare RandomGarments - 10 Vote Points
I've found a bug on the sever, what can I do to report it?

If you've found a a bug or something that shouldn't happen type in the command /report (say whats the bug). Also if you aren't in-game you can also use #bugs but do not report it in #general

I'm having problems downloading the launcher/client

If you are experiencing difficulties trying to get the launcher working, please go to #help or contact @Neon, @Moderator and we'll be able to assist you there.

I'm having the "ERROR The remote server returned an error. (404) Not Found. How can I fix this?

To fix this simple issue, go to the version.dat inside the neonconquer folder. Open it through notepad or any other text editor. You should change that number to "1" and save the edits you have made. Re-launch the Neon Launcher and it should automatically fix your client.

Got an error "VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found." or "Disconnected with the game server, please try again." How do I fix this problem?

Vision Conquer has an anticheat that requires features provided by VC++2015 to initialize the client with the correct login parameters.
this can be done by downloading and installing the file above, If you happen to be running Windows 7, you're then required to use Windows Update to update your Windows 7 until you receive the Service Pack 1 update that is needed to install VC++2015. All other versions of windows should have no problems installing this piece of software.

How do I make the game run smoother and different resolution client size?

You can customize your game client by using the ConfigurationManager located in your client folders, Or simply by clicking the cog wheel on the NeonLauncher and setting up the desired resolution and frame rates.